Calling Features

Calling Features

Call Waiting

…allows you to accept another call when you are on the phone. When you hear the beep, you will need to press the flash button one time; this will put your first caller on hold while you answer the second call. To get back to your first call, just press the flash button. You can deactivate call waiting before making an important call by pressing *70before you dial the number. This will deactivate call waiting for this call only.

Call Forwarding

…allows you can have all your calls forwarded to another phone location. If you are at your parent’s or friend’s house, you can program your phone so that all calls you receive will go to the other phone number where you can be reached.

To activate, pick up your home phone, press *72, wait for a dial tone, enter the phone number of where you will be and listen for a confirmation tone.

To deactivate call forwarding, press *73.

Three Way Calling

…allows you to add a third person to your existing call. To make a three way call, you call the first person, when they answer, ask them to hold, then press the flash button, listen for dial tone, dial the second person’s number, when they answer, press the flash button again, this will connect all three lines. If the second person has a busy line or no answer, press the flash button, this will reconnect you to the first caller.

Speed Calling

…allows you to use 1 or 2 digit codes to call frequently used numbers. For one digit speed calling codes (2-9) press *74. To set a two digit speed calling code (20-49) press *75. To set or change your speed call codes pick up your phone and listen for dial tone, enter speed calling code (*74 or *75), listen for dial tone again and then enter the one or two digit followed by the desired telephone number, listen for a confirmation tone and hang up. After you enter all the speed calling numbers you want, you can use speed calling by picking my your phone, listen for dial tone and dial the speed calling code for the person you wish to call (2-9 or 20-49).

Toll Denial with a Pin

…allows callers to make long distance calls by entering the correct pin number. Press *13, followed by your pin number, listen for dial tone and then dial the number. You are financially responsible for all calls made from your home with this pin number.

Voice Mail Service

…allows callers to leave you a message if you are on another call or away from home. You can personalize your voice mailbox by creating your own greeting for your callers and by selecting a pass code to retrieve your messages.

From your home phone press *98, and follow the voice prompts. Or call 475-8000. Your temporary password is the last four digits of your home telephone number.

Do Not Disturb (ADND)

…can stop all calls from ringing at your home but also have those important calls still go through. When someone calls you and you have ADND activated they will receive an announcement. At that time, if they know your pin number, they can enter it and their call will go through to your phone.

To activate ADND press *51, and listen for a confirmation tone then hang up. To deactivate ADND, press *52.

Warm Line

…allows your phone to dial a certain number by simply taking your handset off hook for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds your call will automatically be made. This feature can not be used for emergency numbers.

Automatic Callback

allows you to continuously re-dial a number that is busy. You can also use auto callback to re-dial the last number you called. After you get a busy signal hang up the phone. Pick up the phone again, listen for dial tone, then press *66, if the line is still busy you will hear an announcement that it will continue to check the line. Hang up until you hear the special ring and after you pick up the phone the call will automatically be made. To deactivate automatic callback, press *86.

Call Forward Don’t Answer

…allows you can have all your calls forwarded to another phone location if no one answers your phone at home after a certain number of rings (3-8 rings).
To activate, pick up your home phone, press *92, wait for a dial tone, enter the forward phone number and listen for a confirmation tone. To deactivate, press *93.

Automatic Recall

…allows you to dial the last call made to your home. To activate automatic recall pick up your handset and dial *69. You will hear a tone or announcement and the last call information, followeb by a request to confirm automatic recall by dialing 1. If the line is busy, the phone will continue to redial the number until it is open. To deactivate automatic recall press *89.Automatic recall will only work in our servicing area.

Customer Originated Trace

…allows SCATUI to trace obscene and harassing calls. This is for legal use only and information will only be given to law enforcement personnel.

Priority Call

…gives selected numbers a different ring when those numbers call you. To set up your priority call list, press *61 and follow the instructions. These instructions will guide you through the steps of how to add a number to your list and to also make changes to your calling list. To deactivate priority call press *81.

Selective Call Accept

…allows you to screen incoming calls by creating a list of phone numbers that you only want to accept. This will limit your incoming calls to the people you put on your list. All other callers will be sent to an announcement that will let them know you are not receiving any calls at this time. To activate selective call accept press *64 and follow the instructions. To deactivate selective call accept press *84.

Selective Call Forwarding

…allows you determine who’s calls will be forwarded to another telephone number where you can be reached. All other calls will be are treated normally. To activate Selective Call Fowarding press *63 and follow the instructions. To deactivate selective call forwarding press *83.

Selective Call Reject

…allows you to reject incoming calls from a list of selected numbers. When this feature is active all calls received from this list will be routed to an announcement. All other calls are treated normally.

To activate selective call reject press *60 and follow the instructions. To deactivate selective call reject press *80.

Anonymous Call Reject

…allows you to reject calls from callers who mark their numbers as private. Anonymous call reject will automatically route your incoming calls marked PRIVATE to an announcement telling the caller that you do not accept private/blocked calls.

To activate anonymous call reject press *77. To deactivate anonymous call reject press *87.

Caller ID with Call Waiting

…works together to allow you to see the caller information when you receive a call waiting alert on your phone set. A telephone with the capability to have Caller ID with call waiting must be purchased.

Personal Ring

…stops the telephone tug of war! Personal ring gives you two additional telephone numbers. Each number will have its own distinctive ring telling you which number or person is called.

Call Block

This is a free service. With call block you can prevent your telephone number and name to appear on caller id of the person you are calling. Press *67 and listen for the confirmation tone then make your call. You must press *67 on every block call you make. If your information is set to private, you may choose to show your information to the person you are calling by pressing *82 before you enter the telephone number.

Call Forward Busy Line

…allows you to have all your calls forwarded to another phone number only when your main line is busy. This feature can be used if you are a dial-up internet customer, you can forward your calls to another number when you are on-line.

To activate call forward busy line by pressing *68, wait for a dial tone, enter the forward phone number and listen for a confirmation tone. To deactivate call forward busy line, press *88.

Long Distance

We offer Long Distance service to our local phone service customers. Rates are good in 48 contiguous states. Local and long distance services are on one bill.

Local Phone Service

We offer local area calling to San Carlos, Peridot, Bylas, and Globe. Class and calling features are also available to meet your communication needs.